DV Lottery Photo App: Crop Your Photo in A Few Seconds

The Diversity Visa Program, also known as the DV Lottery or the Green Card Lottery, is a unique opportunity for people worldwide to live and work in the United States. If you're planning to participate in the DV lottery, one of the crucial requirements is a correctly formatted photo - and that's where our 7ID passport photo tool comes into play.

DV Lottery Photo App: Crop Your Photo in A Few Seconds

We aim to provide an efficient, user-friendly experience, ensuring your photo meets all the specifications.

Keep reading and learn how to make a photo for the Green Card Lottery without any effort.

DV Lottery Photo Tool: Selecting a picture
DV Lottery Photo Tool: Confirming your choice
DV Lottery Photo Tool: Background editing

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Crop Your Photo to the DV Lottery photo Size

When applying for the DV Lottery, your photo must be a square image ranging from 600x600 pixels to 1200x1200 pixels. The standard Green Card Lottery photo size should not exceed 245KB.

Getting the correct DV Lottery photo format may seem like a confusing task. The 7ID DV Lottery Photo App provides a DV Lottery photo size editor that allows you to crop your photo to meet the size requirements effortlessly. With a dedicated interface guiding you step-by-step, you’re guaranteed a hassle-free cropping process!

Change the Background to Plain White

The DV lottery photo specifications require that the photo background be plain white or off-white. 7ID app has a feature to change the background to plain white, creating a sharp, professional photo that meets this requirement.

Advanced Editor for the Flawless Photo

Sometimes, a photo needs a little more work to ensure it’s just right. For a modest fee, our DV Lottery Photo App provides an option that includes tools to fine-tune your photo even more. This might be especially useful if you want to ensure your image is perfect before submitting it—after all, it’s your gateway to new opportunities, so why not make it as qualitative as possible?

The Expert DV Lottery photo editing includes 100% guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the result, contact our support, and we will replace the picture for free. Upon request, we also provide you a photo quality check to ensure it meets all the requirements before submitting your Green Card Lottery entry form.

DV Lottery photo example

DV Lottery photo example

What Initial Photo to Upload to DV Lottery Photo Maker? Errors to Avoid

When submitting your initial photo to the DV Lottery, a validator checks if all necessary fields in the form have been filled and whether the accompanying photos follow the required parameters.

However, you won't be able to upload a photo under three specific circumstances, which become evident during the application process:

Errors in DV Lottery Entry Form Submission That May Not Be Detected

Despite some errors not being reported during the form submission, they may result in your application getting rejected at the later verification stage, making it ineligible for the lottery. DV Lottery photo requirements, such as the size and position of the head, eye level, and background color, are determined using specialized software that analyzes each file for compliance.

Here's a handy checklist to ensure your photo won't get disqualified:

Bypassing these common errors, you will find yourself on the right path to successfully uploading a photo that meets all DV Lottery requirements.

How to Submit a Photo to DV Lottery?

Once you've prepared your photo with our DV Lottery Photo Maker, the next step is to submit it. The 7ID app will walk you through the submission process, simplifying this step.

  1. Start by producing your US green card lottery photo with the 7ID app.
  2. Visit the dvlottery.state.gov website.
  3. It is advised not to use the Photo Tool because it can be inaccurate.
  4. Click on the 'Begin Entry' button.
  5. Proceed to fill out your application form.
  6. When you get to step 8, titled "Entrant Photograph", avoid using the Photo Tool. Instead, instantly click on the 'Choose New Photo' button.
  7. Now, upload the photo you created in the first step.
  8. After uploading, you'll see the photo and the filename.
  9. Click on the 'Continue' button.
  10. The next page will present you with your details for review. The "Photograph received" message will be in the "8 Entrant Photograph" box.
  11. At the bottom of the page, hit the 'Submit' button. The following page will confirm your submission with a "Success!" message.

DV Lottery Photo Requirements Checklist

To ensure an application isn’t disqualified due to a photo error, the 7ID DV Lottery App provides a comprehensive checklist of photo requirements. This covers everything from the resolution and size to the background and lighting. It’s a handy reference that ensures your photo is in complete compliance with DV Lottery standards:

Not Just a Photo Maker! Other Features of 7ID app

The multifunctional 7ID app offers simple solutions for a number of daily tasks.

QR and Barcode Organizer (Free): This tool organizes QR codes and barcodes for a more efficient, streamlined process, all at your fingertips.

PIN Code Safekeeper (Free): Now you have a reliable place to store and remember your PIN codes. The Safekeeper ensures your PINs are secure and conveniently accessible when needed.

E-Signature Tool (Free): Need to affix your signature digitally? Use the E-Signature tool to instantly convert your written signature into an electronic one.

Experience these user-friendly features and enhance your DV Lottery application with the 7ID, the ultimate photo maker app. We believe that applying for the DV Lottery should not be a stressful process - and with the 7ID App, you’re one step closer to making that a reality.

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