German Passport (Reisepass) & German ID (Personalausweis) Photo App

When applying for a German passport or ID (Personalausweis), a suitable photo plays a significant role. It's not just about capturing a sharp image. The German authorities have specific regulations about the photo's size, the person's pose, background, lighting, and facial expression. But don't worry — the 7ID German Passport Photo App is here to make the process a lot easier.

German Passport (Reisepass) & German ID (Personalausweis) Photo App

In this article, we will guide you through the German ID photo specifications and show you how to take a perfect photo with the 7ID App. This innovative app ensures your photo aligns perfectly with the German passport and ID photo requirements, making your application process smoother and more convenient.

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Resize Your Photo to 35×45 size

A standard photo size for German documents, including passport and Personalausweis, is 35×45 mm or 1.37×1.77 inches. Besides the size, the face's placement in the picture matters too. It should fill 70-80% of the photo, which is about 32-36 mm high.

The 7ID app adjusts your photos to suit these dimensions or the requirements for any other country's passport photos. The 7ID app also helps set the right size for the head and eyes in the photo.

Change the Background to the Plain White

The background of a German passport photo needs to be light (preferably, neutral gray) and different from the face and hair color. Just upload your photo to the 7ID App and let the app do the rest.

It's best to take the original photo against a plain background. If your photo has a different background, no worries, 7ID's Expert Tool can modify it for you.

Prepare File for Printing

7ID will provide you with two templates for passport photos: (*) A digital template for applications online. (*) A printable version. Each printout comes with four identical photos. Cut one and attach it to your application.

Get a Professional Support

For important documents like passports, visas, or IDs, we recommend the Expert feature. You'll be charged for each photo and no subscription is needed. The price comes with technical help and a guaranteed result.

Notable advantages of the Expert feature: (*) Complex use of AI technology. (*) High-quality photo editing regardless of the background. (*) 24/7 technical help. (*) A 99.7% acceptance rate. Get a free replacement if the final product doesn't meet your requirements.

7ID is your helpful tool to create professional and correct passport photos without leaving your house.

How to Print a Passport Photo from Phone?

Printing template of a German passport photo

7ID gives you a file with four individual pictures that you can print for your German passport photo. Either print it at home or use an online photo service.

If you own a printer, it's simple to print your German passport photos at home. Just ensure you have a color printer and good quality 4×6 inch (or 10×15 cm) photo paper. Find the 7ID-provided template on your computer, adjust the paper size on your printer settings, and print.

Or, upload the 7ID-provided German passport photo to the homepage of your preferred online photo service. Then, choose the 4×6 inch print passport-size photo option. Fill out the necessary details, pay online, and wait for the photos to arrive at your doorstep in the next few days.

German Passport Photo Requirements Checklist

Both the German passport photo and the Personalausweis photo must meet the following criteria.

(*) The German passport photo size should be 35×45 mm or 1.37×1.77 inches. (*) Your face should fill 70-80% of the picture, or about 32-36 mm high. (*) The photo should show a full straight view of your face. (*) The background should be light in color (ideal if it's neutral gray) and should contrast with your face and hair color. For light hair, a medium-gray background works. For dark hair, a light gray background is good. The background should not be patterned or have shadows. The photo must be clear, sharp, and well-contrasted. (*) Red eyes, shiny spots in the photo, and shadows on the face are not allowed. (*) Glasses are usually not allowed, except for medical reasons. In this case, your eyes should be easy to see (no shiny reflection off glasses, no tinted glasses or sunglasses). Glasses or frames should not cover any part of your eyes. (*) Hats or head coverings are usually not allowed, except for religious purposes, sometimes. If a head covering is allowed, your face should be visible from the bottom of the chin to the forehead. (*) The lighting in the photo should be even, not too dark, and not too bright. The printed photo should be on good-quality paper, which can be glossy or matte. (*) The photo's print quality should be at least 600 dpi.

German Passport Photo Requirements for Children

Kids and infants need a passport for traveling outside Germany, and that includes individual photos. The guidelines are more flexible for kids since they are difficult to take pictures of, especially infants. Here's what to remember before you take photos of your kids for a passport:

(*) For children 9 years old and below, keep these in mind: The face should fill 50-80% of the picture, which is about 22-36 mm from the chin base to the top of their head, not their hair. As it's usually tricky to tell where the head top would be without hair, only refuse photos if the face is less than 17 mm or more than 40 mm. (*) Particular rules for infants and very young children: The face size for children 5 years old and below should be the same as for children 9 years old and below. Children 5 years old and below are not required to have a neutral face, look straight at the camera, or have their head in the middle of the photo. Babies less than a year old don't need to have their eyes open.

No other items should appear in the photo, such as toys, hands, blankets, pacifiers, and so on. Even though the rules change for children, the photos still should have good light, be clear, and have no digital changes.

Taking a Passport Photo at Home. How to Pose and Dress for a German Passport Photo?

Taking your ID passport photo at home can save you time and money. Here are some easy steps to take the perfect passport photo using your phone:

(*) Find an area with good light, preferably near a window, to avoid dark shadows. (*) You can wear any clothes except uniforms like police or military uniforms. (*) Ensure your phone is steady on a flat surface or tripod for clear, focused pictures. (*) Sit or stand up straight, look straight at your phone's camera, and keep your face expressionless, and your eyes open. (*) Take several photos for more choices, and pick the best one. (*) Remember to leave some space for cropping in the 7ID app. Easily upload your chosen photo to the 7ID app with one click, and our professional app will handle the formatting and background adjusting for you.

Not Just a Passport Photo Maker. All the Features of 7ID

Apart from adjusting ID, passport, and visa photo sizes, the 7ID app also helps you manage QR codes, barcodes, digital signatures, and PINs:

(*) QR and Barcode Organizer: This offline feature lets you keep all your codes, discount coupon barcodes, and vCards in one place. (*) PIN Code Safekeeper: Store banking card PINs, passwords, and digital lock codes safely with this feature. (*) E-Signature: Easily attach digital signatures to documents, including PDFs and Word documents.

The 7ID App offers several impressive features, making the passport application process easy. We provide a smooth, efficient service that balances high quality and strict adherence to requirements.

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