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A Hong Kong passport is much more than a travel document. It allows for global mobility and serves as an affirmation of identity and nationality for Hong Kong's diverse population. A compliant photo is a crucial and often overlooked aspect of the passport application.

Hong Kong Passport Photo App

This article will guide you on creating a flawless and compliant Hong Kong passport photo using your mobile phone and a passport photo maker — 7ID App.

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7ID: Hong Kong Passport Photo Maker
7ID: Hong Kong Passport Photo Requirements
7ID: Hong Kong Passport Photo Background Editor
7ID: Hong Kong Passport Photo Example

Instantly Convert your Photo to Hong Kong Passport Photo Size

HK passport photo size should be at least 40 mm x 50 mm or larger. The digital image for online Hong Kong passport applications must be at least 1200 pixels (width) x 1600 pixels (height). The 7ID app provides instant image resizing to fit these and any other national passport photo dimensions.

After selecting your preferred country and document, the 7ID Passport Size Photo Maker adjusts the head size and eye line as needed. All specific measurements for different countries are taken into account by this app.

Adjust Your Passport Photo Background

Bright backgrounds are usually required for passport photos, including Hong Kong passports.

7ID Expert tool works with photos taken on a light, even background as well as with varied backgrounds.

Get a Digital File to Apply at GovHK

7ID will provide a free digital HKSAR passport photo template for online application at GovHK.

Prepare a Template for Printing

In addition to a digital file, 7ID offers a free passport photo template for printing on 4×6 inch (10×15 cm) photo paper. Each print includes four images you can easily cut out and attach to your passport application.

The 7ID app is available for Android or iOS.

Taking a Passport Photo with Phone: Brief Guidelines

In the age of the convenience of smartphones, taking a passport photo with your phone has become a popular and accessible option. This eliminates the need to ask questions like: “Is there a photo booth near me?” or searching for a “passport photo booth in Hong Kong.”

Here are the steps to take an ideal photo for your Hong Kong passport using only your mobile phone:

Streamline your passport photo process with the 7ID Passport Photo Maker App, your reliable assistant that ensures compliance with all Hong Kong passport photo requirements.

How do You Print a Passport Photo Taken with a Phone?

If you apply for your HKSAR passport online, you don’t need to print out your photo: a digital file is enough. But if you prefer paper applications or need a printed passport-sized photo, 7ID provides a printable template with four individual photos that fit the dimensions of the Hong Kong passport. If your printer can handle photo paper, follow these steps:

Passport photo printing template: example

Passport photo printing template: example

Where can I get passport photos printed in Hong Kong?

If you don't have a printer, take the formatted 7ID template with four photos to a local print shop and print it on 4×6 inches (10×15 cm) glossy photo quality paper. Alternatively, you can order your prints online and have them delivered to your home or pick them up at one of the many print shops in Hong Kong. Popular online printing services include:

Remember that it can take 2–3 days to process and deliver your order, and some online services require a minimum order. The fastest way is to use a local print shop. All modern copy services are equipped with color printers and stock photo paper.

HKSAR & HKID Photo Requirements Checklist

Both the HKSAR Passport and the HKID are essential identity documents for Hong Kong residents, but they serve different purposes:

In essence, the HKSAR passport acts as a global ticket, while the HKID acts as a local membership card for daily life in Hong Kong.

HKSAR and HKID photo requirements are similar. Below is a checklist outlining the photo requirements for HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) and HKID (Hong Kong Identity Card).

HKSAR & HKID printed photo requirements:

HKSAR & HKID digital passport photo requirements:

Remember, applications with photos that do not meet these requirements will not be processed. Double-check your photos before submitting your application, or simply use 7ID App to make sure your photos meet all the criteria.

Not Only a Passport Photo Editor!

Discover the versatile features of the 7ID app:

Create your own flawless passport photo with the 7ID App — the key to unlocking the doors to international relationships.

Download the 7ID app now for Android or iOS.

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