Japan Passport And ID Photo App

Japanese passports and ID documents not only verify your identity, but also provide opportunities for international travel, education, and employment. An important part of this process is having the right photo for your passport and ID card.

Japan Passport And ID Photo App

In this article, we will show you how to take passport photo in Japan, which is perfectly in line with all the requirements of Japan, using a special 7ID app.

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7ID App: Netherlands passport Photo Size
7ID App: Netherlands passport Photo Example

Crop Your Photo to 35×45 mm

The 7ID app can quickly resize your photo to the 35×45 mm size required for Japanese passports and ID photo standards. Simply select “Japan” and the document type, and the app will resize your photo accordingly, ensuring that your face and eyes are positioned correctly.

Change the Background to White

Japanese passport and ID photos require a white background. Simply upload your photo and move a slider to the left to instantly change the background to white with the 7ID app. This feature works best with a simple, light background. For more complicated backgrounds, we recommend using 7ID's Expert option.

Prepare Image for Printing

7ID offers free ID photo templates for both digital use and printing (you get four photos on each page). After printing, simply cut out the photo you need and make sure to print on high-quality photo paper.

Get a Professional Support

When you're applying for important documents and want to get your photo just right, the 7ID Business tool is at your service. It uses sophisticated AI technology for more complex edits, improves photo quality, and can remove any background.

Prioritized customer support is available 24/7 to address any issues, and we're committed to making sure you're happy with our service. If you're not happy with the result, we'll redo it at no extra charge.

Japan Passport Photo Requirements Checklist

Please, refer to the following list of Japan passport photo specifications:

Japan Passport Photo Requirements for Children

For children's passport photos:

Where to Print Out a Passport-sized Photo in Japan

Guide on printing passport photos from your phone

7ID makes printing easy, whether you're doing it yourself or using a service. The app gives you a printable file with 4 photos. If you want to print at home and have a color printer and photo paper, load the 7ID photo template, set your printer to the correct paper size, and print.

Don't have a printer? Just go to a print service or photo kiosk and ask for a 10×15 cm print. Many stores let you order and pay online, then just pick it up when it's ready.

Taking a Good Passport Photo with a Phone: Tips

No more searching for a passport photo booth in Japan, especially since Japan passport photo price at such booths starts at $7 with no guarantee of good quality. Now, you can take a perfect passport and ID photo at home, with your smartphone. Not only is it fast and cheap, but you can keep trying until you get the perfect shot.

Follow these steps to get a photo you'll be happy with:

Not Just an ID Photo Editor. All the Options of 7ID

The 7ID app goes beyond just helping you with passport or visa photos. It's packed with features to handle a variety of ID photo needs and even offers tools to manage QR codes, barcodes, digital signatures, and PIN codes, making it incredibly versatile. Here's what else you can do with 7ID:

QR and Barcode Organizer
Organize all your access codes, discount coupons, and digital business cards in one place, easily accessible without the internet.

PIN Code Keeper
Securely store your credit card PINs, digital lock combinations, and passwords.

E-Signature Tool
Easily add your digital signature to documents, including PDFs and Word files, for quick and secure sign-offs.

Use the 7ID Photo Editor app and get a Japanese passport photo online in no time!

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