How to Print QR Codes?

QR code in printing is a great way to engage with your audience or reach more people, whether it's for your business or personal projects. But how do you go about printing these digital keys for widespread use?

How to Print QR Codes?

This article will show you how to create effective QR codes quickly and effortlessly, covering the entire printing process, from choosing suitable materials to ensuring your QR codes are scannable and durable.

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Creating a QR Code With 7ID App: Step-by-step Guide

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Easily create, scan, and keep track of QR Codes with the dedicated 7ID QR Maker app. Here's how to generate a QR code:

  1. Install the 7ID app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the 7ID App and go to the QR & Barcodes section.
  3. Press the New Code button.
  4. Select Create QR from URL or text.
  5. Type or paste the link or text you want to turn into a QR code.
  6. Enter a name for your QR code to find it later easily.
  7. If necessary, set a date when the QR code should stop working.
  8. Tap Save and that's it! 7ID creates a clear QR code that fills the screen with your provided information. You can save all your QR codes in the app to show or share them anytime.

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Printing QR Codes

Before you start printing your QR codes, it's important to have all the materials ready. You'll need a good printer and the right supplies at the most basic level. Most people use regular inkjet or laser printers to print paper-based QR codes. Can you print a QR code on vinyl, plastic, or metal? Absolutely, you can print a QR code on almost anything, but for that, you may want to use a specialized printer. Also, be sure to have access to software or online generators like 7ID App, that can help you create and design your QR code before you print it.

When it comes to printing QR codes, there are two main options: digital and physical:

It really depends on what you need your QR code for and how flexible you need it to be.

When printing a QR code, always go for the highest resolution you can. At least 300 dpi is recommended for clear, crisp prints. Also, make sure there's a good contrast between the QR code and the background, and avoid resizing it in a way that makes it blurry or distorted, as this may affect its scalability.

If your QR code will be used outdoors or subject to a lot of wear and tear, it's important to consider its durability. To greatly extend the life of paper-printed QR codes, you can laminate them or use weather-resistant materials like vinyl. Also, UV-resistant inks can prevent fading over time, so your QR code will be readable for as long as needed.

Finally, the size of your printed QR code plays a critical role in its visibility and scannability. Basically, the scan distance should be ten times the QR code size. But be sure to make it at least 2×2 cm or 1×1 inch, because smaller sizes can cause problems with some smartphones.

Testing and Verifying QR Codes After Printing

Once your QR codes are printed, testing and verifying them is a critical step not to be overlooked. This ensures the codes are scannable and redirect to their intended digital destinations.

Use different smartphones and QR code scanning apps, and test under different lighting conditions and angles. This variety in testing helps identify potential issues that could prevent users from accessing the content. If a QR code does not scan properly, consider checking print quality, size, and contrast to identify and resolve the issue.

QR Code Printing Ideas and Placement Tips

For great QR code results, follow these simple yet effective QR code printing guidelines:

Placement Tips:

Create QR codes with 7ID QR Maker App and use them to engage, inform, and enrich your audience's interaction with your brand or service!

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