QR Codes In Event Management

QR codes have become a helpful tool in event planning. Providing a quick and easy way to share information, they are changing how organizers communicate with guests before, during, and after events.

QR Codes In Event Management

Read on to learn how QR codes can improve event management and create them quickly and effortlessly.

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QR Code Ideas for Events

Using QR codes in event planning offers many benefits, from simplifying logistics to increasing attendee engagement. Guests can easily access event schedules, speaker profiles, interactive maps, and even augmented reality content specific to various booths and sessions, all through QR codes.

In addition to spreading information, QR codes could make an event more fun and interactive by integrating them into treasure hunts or trivia games where scans lead to clues or questions. QR codes also make it easier for guests to enter sweepstakes and contests with a quick scan.

Using QR codes in events not only engages guests but also greatly reduces the use of paper, which is excellent for making events more sustainable.

How to Use QR Codes for Event Registration

QR code event registration replaces traditional, often cumbersome registration processes with a more convenient and efficient format. Checking in attendees by scanning a QR code takes less than 2 seconds.

Here's how to streamline event registration with QR codes:

  1. Use a dedicated app to create QR codes and include them in event confirmation emails.
  2. When guests arrive, they simply show the email with the QR code on their phone.
  3. A volunteer with a phone then scans the QR code, whether it's on the guest's phone or a printed ticket, and that's it — they're checked in, and you're ready to check in your next guest.

In addition to streamlining access, QR codes provide event organizers real-time attendance data for improved security and attendee management.

QR Codes for Networking: Digital vCards

Networking is at the heart of many events, and QR codes rejuvenate this fundamental aspect by introducing digital vCards.

Instead of exchanging physical business cards, attendees can share their contact information and professional profiles via a QR code. This environmentally friendly method ensures that connections are easily stored and retrieved on smartphones, greatly reducing the risk of losing valuable contacts.

Digital vCards can include contact information, links to professional social profiles, portfolios, and more, providing a comprehensive snapshot of an individual's professional persona in a single scan.

Implementation of QR Codes in Event Planning

Here’s how QRs can enhance your event experience before, during, and after the big day:

Before the event:

During the event:

After the event:

How to Set up a QR Code for an Event? Detailed Guide

Getting a QR code for an event may sound technical, but it's actually a straightforward process that can be boiled down to a few simple steps:

  1. First, determine exactly what you want your QR codes to accomplish. Do you want to speed up the check-in process, facilitate networking, or provide instant access to event information?
  2. Choose a QR code generator that meets your needs. Further in this article, we will show you our own QR code generator example: the 7ID app.
  3. Create engaging content. Your QR code should link to relevant and engaging content. This could be a QR code event invitation with event details, a digital vCard, or even multimedia content related to the theme of your event.
  4. Customize your QR code to match your event branding. Then generate the code and integrate it into your event materials, from digital communications to physical signage.
  5. Before rolling out your QR codes, test them on various devices to ensure they work as intended. This is critical for a seamless attendee experience.
  6. Ensure your attendees know about the QR codes and how to use them. A little education goes a long way in ensuring high engagement rates.

Free QR Codes Generator: 7ID

7ID App: Store your QR codes in one place
7ID App: Easily add a new QR or Bar code
7ID App: QR Code Generator from a url

Interested in creating a QR code for your event? Check out the 7ID Free QR code for event registration app! It simplifies the process of scanning, creating, and keeping track of your QR codes and barcodes.

So, how do you create a QR code for an event with 7ID? Just follow these steps:

  1. Select the Create QR from URL or text option.
  2. Enter what you want to turn into a QR code.
  3. Give your QR code a name in the Caption field, add an expiration date if necessary, and click Save.

7ID is a secure vault for your essential QR codes or barcodes, making it convenient and safe. And the best part? You don't need an internet connection to access your saved codes.

Create QR codes with 7ID for digital business cards (vCards) that include your name, job title, contact information, and social media links. This makes it easy to share your information and connect with people.

Scan QR codes and barcodes with 7ID. Open the app, point your phone's camera at the code, and the app captures the information and adds it to your personal QR code collection.

Digitize your loyalty cards with 7ID. Simply scan the barcode on your loyalty card and upload it to the app. Your discounts and rewards are now just a tap away on your phone, freeing you from carrying a bulky wallet.

Create QR codes for events with 7ID and unlock a host of benefits that will make your event more accessible, enjoyable, and memorable for all attendees!

Download the 7ID app now for Android or iOS.

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