Taking A 35×45 Photo With Your Smartphone

Navigating the world of passport photography can be challenging, but not when your smartphone is on hand to help! Transform your phone into a personal passport photo booth and learn how easy it is to take a perfect 35×45 photo online free with our special 7ID App!

Taking A 35×45 Photo With Your Smartphone

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Understanding the 35×45 Photo Requirement

Unpacking the dimensions, a 35×45 photo refers to a portrait image measuring 35 mm in width and 45 mm in height. Usually, this size is specified in millimeters due to its prevalent use in official documentation, which often follows international identification standards. The equivalent of a 35×45 mm picture is a 3.5×4.5 cm passport photo. 35×45 mm photo size in inches equals 1.38×1.77”.

The 35mmx45mm photo is a widespread ICAO photo standard set to achieve the accuracy of pictures used in travel documents worldwide. This photo format is commonly used for passport, visa, or other official applications in many countries, including Europe. It is also regularly required on official documents such as driver's licenses and student IDs.

For online applications, the requirements remain the same but are translated into pixels. The exact resolution in pixels for a 35mmx45mm photo may vary per application. However, digital dimensions of about 413×531 pixels (at DPI 300) and 827×1063 pixels (at 600 DPI) are usually obtained by proportionally enlarging the photo. To ensure a smooth experience, always check the digital photo requirements with the institution you are applying to.

Fortunately, a special 7ID App will easily convert your photo to 45mmx35mm format and, what’s more, edit it to the required standards.

7ID app: free 35×45 photo converter

7ID App: 35x45 Photo App
7ID App: 35x45 Passport Photo Size
7ID App: 35x45 Photo White Background

7ID App is a versatile and easy-to-use tool designed not only to make, edit, and convert photos for documents, using iPhone or Android. It's a multi-functional app, suitable for both online and offline submissions, and simplifies the process with a multitude of features:

(*) Passport photo cropping tool: 7ID eliminates the need to manually adjust the size of your image by automatically cropping it to a specific format and ensuring that the head and eyes are correctly positioned. (*) Background color changer: With the app's built-in slider, you can easily replace the background color with white, light gray, or blue—perfect for meeting official document specifications. (*) Printing templates tool: After preparing your photo, 7ID provides a print template that fits any common paper size (10×15 cm (4×6 inches), A4, A5, B5) and can be neatly cut out after printing. One printout contains four individual 35x45 pictures. (*) Expert approach: 24/7 technical support and free replacement of the photo if it did not meet the requirements.
35x45 passport photo example

35x45 passport photo example

Additional options (besides the passport-sized photo maker): (*) QR and barcode storage and generator: Maintains your access codes, discount barcodes, or vCards. (*) PINs and password storage: Securely saves your credit/debit card PINs, digital lock codes, and passwords within the app. Your codes aren't transmitted elsewhere, guaranteeing supreme security. (*) E-signature maker: Creates a digital sign for your PDFs, Word, and other documents instantly and effortlessly.

Now, let’s finally learn how to use 7ID for photo editing

Step 1: Upload a full-face portrait of yourself taken against any background.

Step 2: Enter the country you need a visa for, and 7ID will do the rest—7ID automatically adjusts the size, corrects the head and eye position, replaces the background, and improves the quality to meet the photo requirements for visas worldwide.

Preparing your smartphone for the task

In the digital age, creating a 35×45 photo doesn't require a visit to a professional studio any longer—your smartphone is all you need. But before you start, it's essential to have your device prepared:

(*) Ensure your phone's camera is clean and in good condition. Wipe your phone's camera lens gently to remove fingerprints and dust particles. A clean lens will help you get crisp and clear photos. (*) Check for available storage space. Photos, especially high-resolution photos, can take up a significant amount of storage space. (*) Adjust camera settings for optimal results. Examine your camera settings. You'd want the highest resolution possible for the clarity of your photo. Most smartphones today come with settings that let you customize the aspect ratio; make sure to set it to match the 35×45 photo requirements.

With a clean lens, enough storage, and optimized settings, you can snap the perfect photo. Hold it steady, smile, and click!

How to print a 35×45 photo from your phone?

There are certain scenarios when having a physical copy of a 35×45 photo may be necessary, such as for certain visa applications or when local authorities require paper copies of photos for identification purposes. And it's been taken into account, as well.

Thereby, the 7ID App offers two formats of your photo: (*) A template for printing on 10×15 cm paper (4×6 paper). Each printed sheet will give you four individual 35×45 mm photos to carefully cut out and attach to your application form. (*) A digital passport-sized image for your online application.

Choosing a reliable printing service is also important to ensure a flawless experience. Look for high-quality printing services that capture every detail without pixelation or image distortion. Remember, the accuracy of a 35×45 photo can be the deciding factor when approving a document.

With the 7ID app, it's easy to take the perfect 35×45 photo. From automatically adjusting the background color to converting photos to the required size, 7ID solves all the complex photo editing tasks for you. Whatever the purpose, whether it's to obtain a visa, passport, or official ID card, with 7ID, taking the perfect 35×45 photo is a breeze, turning your smartphone into a portable photo booth!

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