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When it comes to official documents, especially that all-important passport, we need a solution that's as fast-paced as we are. Explore the passport photo maker by 7ID, your go-to app for creating flawless passport pictures. With 7ID, you can instantly create a USCIS-compliant photo suitable for most documentation in America.

Let’s check the essential passport photo rules in the USA and learn how to take an ID picture with a phone easily!

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Subscribe to 7ID for just $2 a month and get unlimited access to the following passport photo editing options:

Instantly crop your photo to 2x2 size

The required size of a USA passport photo is 2x2 inches (equivalent to 51x51 millimeters). With 7ID, you can instantly resize your image to the specified measurements. In addition to the proportion, our free passport photo editor will set the proper head size and eye line.

Additionally, 7ID enables you to create passport-sized photos in any format. Select the country and document you need, and the app will automatically determine the appropriate specifications.

The 7ID app is available for Android and iOS.

Change the photo background to the plain white

A uniform, light-colored background is a standard requirement for most ID pictures, and the American passport photo is no exception.

The 7ID app will automatically replace your picture background to the plain white. If you are using the unlimited subscription-based service, it's suggested that the photo is initially taken on a plain background for the best results.

If you want to edit a photo taken on any background, we recommend using our Expert passport photo tool (available without subscription).

Prepare the photo for printing

7ID will provide a free template for printing your passport photo in any format. For the USA, we recommend selecting 4x6-inch printing paper, the standard size for postcards. You can also choose from A4, A5, and B5 formats. You can conveniently order printing online at your nearest Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and various other chain stores and pharmacies. The average cost per 4x6 printout is $0.35.

Each printed sheet will contain four 2x2-inch pictures. Carefully cut them out with scissors, and it’s done! You can then attach your photographs to your passport application.

Pro Subscription vs. Expert Passport Photo Editor: The Difference

7ID offers three options:

Paid U.S. passport photo example

Expert U.S. passport photo example

Which Initial Photo Is Acceptable For A USA Passport?

7ID will take care of the format and background of your picture. But for it to meet all official USA visa photo requirements, make sure that the original portrait that you upload to the application meets the following criteria:

How To Print A Passport Photo In The USA?

7ID will provide you with a template to print on a preferred paper size. Use a color printer or contact your nearest printing service.

Many chain stores in the United States allow you to order prints online and pick them up at your nearest store. Here's how it works at Rite Aid:

Passport photo printing at Rite Aid

Passport photo printing at Rite Aid

Other popular online printing services across the USA are:

How To Take Your Own Passport Photo With a Phone?

Follow these tips to ensure a perfect shot:

Find good lighting: Natural light works best. Stand in front of a well-lit window, avoiding harsh shadows.

Set up your smartphone: Secure your phone on a stable surface or tripod for steady shots.

Camera positioning: Use the rear camera for better quality, and make sure the lens is at eye level.

Pose properly: Stand or sit straight, face the camera directly, maintain a neutral expression or a slight smile (without showing teeth), and keep your eyes open.

Take multiple shots: Snap several photos to choose the best one. Leave space around your head, as the 7ID app may require cropping.

USA passport photo requirements checklist

Here's a complete list of USA passport picture specifications applied by USCIS and the Department of State:

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