Argentina DNI And Passport Photo App

In Argentina, you need two important documents to prove your identity and get across international borders: a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad, which is a national identity document) for everyday use in the country, and a passport for international trips. Both of these have specific photo requirements.

Argentina DNI And Passport Photo App

In this article, we're going to show you how to make perfect Argentina DNI and passport photos with just your smartphone and the 7ID Passport Photo app.

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7ID App: Argentina DNI And Passport Photo Maker
7ID App: Argentina DNI And Passport Photo Background Editor
7ID App: Argentina DNI Photo Sample

Crop your photo to 4×4 photo size

Resize your photo to the standard 4×4 cm required for Argentina DNI and passport, making sure your head occupies 70 to 80% of the frame, which translates to 944×944 pixels.

The 7ID app simplifies this process — select Argentina and the document type, and the app automatically adjusts the dimensions of your photo, aligns your head size, and positions your eyes correctly.

Change the background to the white

Choose a white background, a must for Argentina DNI and passport photos. Upload your photo to the 7ID app, and it will instantly change the background to white. For best results, start with a photo against a light, solid background. If the background varies, use our expert tool.

Prepare file for printing

7ID offers free Argentina DNI and passport photo templates in digital and printable versions, the latter of which features four photos per sheet. Simply print, and trim, and your photo is ready for submission.

Get a professional support (Business option)

For those crucial moments when you need to apply for important documents, we've got you covered with our Business tool. It offers unmatched quality, no matter what your background is as well as high-priority support.

This premium feature uses advanced AI to make professional edits on a per-photo basis. Backed by priority tech support and a guarantee of satisfaction, we ensure your photo meets all requirements. If you're not satisfied, we'll give you a replacement for free.

The 7ID app is available for Android or iOS.

How to print a passport photo from phone?

How to print Argentina passport photo from the phone?

The 7ID app simplifies the printing process by providing a template for four identical photos, perfect for your Argentina DNI and passport.

Whether you're printing at home using a color printer and high-quality 10×15 cm (4×6 inch) photo paper or using an online photo service, the steps are simple.

To print at home, load the 7ID template onto your device, adjust your printer settings for your paper size, and print. No printer? No problem. Use a print service or photo studio and request a 10×15 cm print. Many offer digital ordering with in-store pickup.

Argentina passport and DNI photo requirements checklist

To make sure your Argentinian passport and DNI photo meet the official requirements, here are the specifications:

Argentina passport photo requirements for children

When it comes to taking a passport photo for children in Argentina, the same rules apply as for adults:

Taking a passport picture at home: professional tips

Getting the perfect passport photo at home is easy with these expert tips:

Not just an ID pictures editor. All the options of 7ID

More than just a passport or ID photo tool, the 7ID app is a comprehensive digital toolkit designed to simplify your life:

QR and Barcode Organizer: Keep all your important codes in one convenient place, accessible anytime, anywhere, even offline. Ideal for storing everything from discount codes to business cards.

PIN Code Keeper: Keep all your important PINs, from bank cards to digital door locks, in one safe place.

E-Signature Function: Streamline your paperwork by easily adding your digital signature to documents for hassle-free government submissions.

Use the 7ID Passport Photo app and get professional, compliant passport and ID photos without even leaving your house.

Download the 7ID app now for Android or iOS.

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