Singapore Visa Photo App: Take a Compliant Photo With Your Phone

Singapore attracts tourists with its fascinating combination of modernity, cultural diversity, and exquisite cuisine. And of course, getting a visa for Singapore is essential for any traveler.

Singapore Visa Photo App: Take a Compliant Photo With Your Phone

This article will tell you how to make the Singaporean visa application process easy and hassle-free by taking the perfect visa photo using the 7ID app.

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How to Apply for a Singapore Visa Online?

To get a Singapore visa online, please follow the steps below:

(*) Go to the Submission of Application for Visa Electronically (SAVE) website ( (*) Select the type of visa you need. (*) Log in with your Sing Pass account. (*) Enter your basic information and travel details. (*) Upload required documents. (*) Complete the e-visa payment and await approval. (*) Receive your visa by email. (*) Present your digital or printed visa along with your passport and Singapore's electronic migration card at passport control.

A tourist visa allows multiple entries into Singapore for 9 weeks from the date of issue. Please note that each visit to Singapore is limited to a maximum of 30 days.

Documents Required for a Singapore Visa Application

To apply for a Singapore tourist visa, you will need to prepare the following documents: (*) A questionnaire in electronic format. (*) A photocopy of the first page of the tourist's passport. (*) A digital photograph according to the Singapore visa photo specifications. (*) Proof of accommodation. (*) Scans of airline tickets or confirmation of ownership of airline tickets to Singapore. (*) A scanned copy of the medical insurance certificate.

7ID Photo Editor: Take a Singapore Visa Photo with Phone!

7ID App: Singapore Visa Photo Maker
7ID App: Singapore Visa Photo Size
7ID App: Singapore Visa Photo Background Editor

7ID Photo Editor allows you to take a photo for Singapore visa without leaving your home. You can save your resources and time while having total control over your photo quality!

Here are some helpful Singapore visa photo guidelines: (*) Choose natural light near a window to avoid harsh shadows. (*) Keep your phone steady for a clear picture. (*) Look straight at the camera with a neutral expression or a slight smile and keep your eyes open. (*) Take several photos for more options and choose the best one. (*) Leave room for the 7ID app to crop the image to Singapore tourist visa photo size. (*) Upload your selected image to the app, and we'll take care of the background and formatting to fit the visa photo size for Singapore.

Here is a Singapore visa photo sample.

Singapore Visa Photo Sample

Singapore Visa Photo Requirements Checklist

The standard criteria for a Singaporean visa photo are as follows:

(*) The photo size for a Singapore visa should be 35 × 45 mm (for paper submissions). (*) The height of the face should be approximately 35 mm. (*) The top margin from the edge to the top of the head should be 4-5 mm. (*) The face should cover approximately 70-80% of the photo. (*) The Singapore visa photo background color should be white. (*) The photo should be colorful. (*) Corners and oval cuts of the photo cannot be altered. (*) There should be a clear contrast between the background and the subject. (*) Facial features should be clearly visible. (*) Eye position should be on a horizontal line. (*) The face should be centered in the frame. (*) The facial expression should be neutral. (*) The photo should be taken of the whole face. (*) Mouth should be closed. (*) Hair should not obscure facial features. (*) Hats are not allowed. However, religious or medical head coverings are exempt.

For digital submissions, the Singapore visa size photo dimensions are as follows:

(*) The Singapore visa photo size should be 400×514 pixels. (*) The file should be up to 60 kilobytes in size. (*) File format should be JPEG. (*) The photo should be no more than three months old at the time of the visa application. (*) The digital photo should be attached to the completed application form and submitted electronically.

Not Just a Visa Photo Tool! Other Useful Features of 7ID

The 7ID app is more than just a visa photo editing tool. It encapsulates a wide range of ID photo requirements and provides features for managing QR codes, barcodes, digital signatures, and PIN codes.

Here are the additional features of the 7ID App:

7ID guarantees professional photos for visas, passports, and other official applications.

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