Australia Visa Photo App

From the majestic Great Barrier Reef to the bustling streets of Sydney, Australia's appeal as a tourist destination is undeniable. The first step in your journey to Australia is getting the right visa.

Australia Visa Photo App

In this article, we will show you how to make the Australian visa application process easy with the perfect visa photo using the 7ID App.

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Documents required for Australian visitor visa application

To apply for an Australian Visitor Visa (subclass 600) in the Tourist Stream, you will need to provide the following documents:

For an Australian visitor visa, applying online through the Department of Home Affairs website is recommended. Applying online offers various advantages, including quicker processing times, flexibility to apply at any convenient time, the ability to use mobile devices, online document attachments, and the option to check application status, correct errors, or update details.

Get an Australian Visa Photo Online: 7ID App

7ID App: Australian Visa Photo Maker
7ID App: Australian Visa Photo Size Editor
7ID App: Australian Visa Photo Example

The 7ID Photo Editor allows you to take a photo for an an Australian visa from the comfort of your home. This saves you time and gives you complete control over the quality of your photo.

The following tips can help guide you through the process of taking your Australian visa photo:

  1. Use a good natural light source near a window to prevent harsh shadows.
  2. Make sure your phone is steady on a tripod or fixed surface for clarity of image.
  3. Maintain an upright posture, looking straight into the camera lens, with a light smile and clear eyes.
  4. Take multiple photos for variety and select the best one for the 7ID to correctly crop.
  5. Upload the photo of your choice to the 7ID App and let it format the picture according to the Australia visa photo size and background requirements.

The 7ID app is available for Android or iOS.

How do you print a 35×45 visa photo taken with a phone?

Printing template of an Australian visa photo

If you apply for your Australian visa online, you don’t need to print the photo; the digital file is enough.

Anyway, the 7ID app makes it easy to print a 35×45 photo by providing a pre-sized template. To print your 35×45 visa photo at home, follow these simple steps:

  1. Have 10×15 cm (4×6 inch) photo paper, a common postcard size.
  2. Right-click on your photo, and select Print.
  3. Select the correct paper size and type (10×15 or A6) in the print window.
  4. Specify how many copies to print, review your settings, and print.

You can use a local print service if you don't have a printer. These services allow you to order and pay online, and then pick up your prints at a convenient location. In Australia, Officeworks and Kmart are well-known examples.

Australian Visa Photo Requirements Checklist

Make sure that the photo you use for your application meets the following criteria:

Not just a visa photo tool!

The 7ID app is much more than just a visa photo editing tool. It covers a variety of ID photo requirements and also provides utilities for managing QR codes, barcodes, digital signatures, and PIN codes.

Additional features of the 7ID app include:

With the 7ID Visa Photo App streamlining your Australian visa application, you're one step closer to experiencing the beauty and excitement this incredible destination has to offer.

Have a great trip and unforgettable experiences in Australia!

Download the 7ID app now for Android or iOS.

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