Bahamas Passport Photo App

The Bahamas passport serves as a key for Bahamian citizens to explore the world, allowing seamless, visa-free entry into 158 different countries.

Bahamas Passport Photo App

In this article, we will show you how to streamline the Bahamas passport application process with a perfect passport photo, provided by the best passport photo editor — the 7ID app.

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7ID App: Bahamas Passport Photo Maker
7ID App: Bahamas Passport Photo Size
7ID App: Bahamas Passport Photo Example

Crop Your Photo to Bahamas Passport Photo Size

The required size for a Bahamas passport photo is 2×2 inches, with specific requirements for face height and the distance from the bottom of the photo to your eyes.

The 7ID app makes this easy for you. Just select your country and the type of document you're applying for, and the app will automatically adjust your photo to fit those criteria.

Change the Background to the White

For a Bahamas passport photo, you need a plain white or off-white background. With 7ID, changing your photo's background to meet this requirement is incredibly easy. Just upload your photo, and with a simple movement of the slider to the left, you'll have the perfect background.

We suggest taking your photo against a solid color background for optimal results. However, our Expert Feature can edit more complex backgrounds.

Prepare File for Printing

7ID offers free Bahamas passport photo templates in two convenient formats. Choose a digital template for online submissions or a printable format with four identical photos per sheet. Simply cut one out, and it's ready to attach to your paper application.

Get Professional Support

When applying for important documents, use 7ID's Expert tool for top-notch results. This option delivers high-quality results on any background and provides advanced, professional AI editing services on a per-photo basis, with no subscription required.

Expert feature includes comprehensive technical support and a satisfaction guarantee to ensure your photo meets all necessary criteria. If you are not satisfied with your photo, we'll replace it at no extra charge.

Do You Need to Print out a Photo for Bahamas Passport Application?

You can apply for your Bahamas passport in person at offices in New Providence, Grand Bahama, and Abaco, or online for e-passport renewals. If you apply in person, you'll need to print your photo. 7ID provides an easy-to-use template that allows you to print your passport photos at any local print shop.

Bahamas Passport Photo Requirements Checklist

To make sure your passport photo meets Bahamian standards, here's a handy checklist:

For digital submissions:

Bahamas Passport Photo Requirements for Children

Getting a Bahamas passport photo for your little ones doesn't have to be complicated. Here's what you need to know about taking a child's Bahamas passport photo according to the guidelines:

Taking a Passport Picture at Home: Professional Tips

Taking the perfect passport photo at home is easier than you think. Here are some tips from the pros:

Not Just an ID Pictures Editor. All the Options of 7ID

The 7ID app goes beyond passport or ID photos. It's your all-in-one digital toolkit for multiple needs, including:

QR and Barcode Organizer: Keep all your important codes in one place, available at all times, even offline. Perfect for everything from coupon codes to business cards.
PIN Code Keeper: Store all your important PINs, from bank cards to digital locks, in a secure vault.
E-signature feature: Easily add your digital signature to a variety of documents, making paperwork a breeze.

With 7ID, you're equipped with a comprehensive digital assistant for the demands of today's life.

Download the 7ID app now for Android or iOS.

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