Bahrain Passport & ID Photo App

Obtaining a Bahraini passport and identity card is the first step to hassle-free international travel and access to local services and protection of your rights. The key is to ensure that your passport and photo meet the required standards.

Bahrain Passport & ID Photo App

This article will show you how to take quality Bahrain passport and ID photos at home. All you need is your smartphone and a specialized 7ID app.

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7ID App: Bahrain Passport Photo Maker
7ID App: Bahrain Passport Photo Size
7ID App: Bahrain Passport Photo Example

Resize Your Photo to 4×6 cm

Need a photo for a Bahrain passport or ID? It should be 4×6 cm, with your face covering 70-80% of it.

Our 7ID app makes this easy for you. Just select Bahrain and passport as your options, and the app will resize your photo to the correct size. It will also make sure that your head and eyes are positioned correctly.

Change the Background to the White

A Bahrain passport photo needs a white background, while a Bahrain ID photo requires a plain gray background, and 7ID can correct this as well.

Just upload your photo, move the slider to the far left, and the app will make the background white. It works best with a photo that already has a light, plain background. If the background is very colorful, you may want to try our Expert Tool.

Prepare File for Printing

The 7ID app offers templates for a Bahrain passport and ID photo in two options: one for online use and another for printing. This allows you to print two photos on 10×15 cm paper, perfect for your passport application.

Get a Professional Support

You don't have to go to a studio for your passport photo. With the 7ID app, you can take the perfect ID photo at home and still get professional help. 7ID’s Expert feature guarantees great results for important documents like passports, driver's licenses, visas, DV lottery, and more. It works well on any background and uses advanced AI for professional editing on a pay-per-photo basis, with no subscription required.

With 7ID, you can be sure that all critical details will be handled with care!

The 7ID app is available for Android or iOS.

Do You Need to Print Out a Photo for an Electronic Passport Application?

When you apply for your passport online, you don't have to worry about having a printed photo. All you need is a digital one. With the 7ID app, you can easily get a digital passport photo and attach it to your application right away.

Bahrain Passport and ID Photo Requirements Checklist

The Bahrain Passport and ID photo requirements are largely the same, except for dimensions and background colors. Make sure your photo meets the following requirements:

Bahrain Passport Photo Requirements for Children

Photos of babies and children must follow most of the rules above, with a few exceptions:

Taking an ID Photo at Home: Professional Tips

You can take a great passport photo at home using only your smartphone, saving both time and money. Here's how to take the perfect photo for a Bahrain passport and ID at home:

  1. Try to use natural light. Stand near a window, so the light is even and soft, and avoid harsh shadows.
  2. Keep your phone still. Place it on a solid surface or use a tripod to get a clear picture.
  3. Stand up straight and face the camera. Keep a natural or slight smile without showing your teeth, and make sure your eyes are open.
  4. Take several pictures so you can choose the best one.
  5. Make sure there's plenty of room around you for the 7ID app to work its cropping magic.
  6. Choose your favorite photo and upload it to the app. 7ID will adjust the size and set the background for you.

Not Just a Passport Photo Maker. All the Options of 7ID

Get everything from ID photos to secure storage for QR codes, barcodes, e-signatures, and PIN codes in one app!

QR & Barcode Storage & Creation (Free)
Keep all your important codes in one place — whether for access, discounts, or contacts. Easily find what you've saved without needing the internet.

PIN Code Safekeeping (Free)
Safely store all your important PINs, from cards to digital locks. Since the codes stay on your device without being sent anywhere, your information stays safe. No Internet is required.

E-Signature Tool (Free)
Digitally sign PDFs, Word documents, and more in seconds.

With these great features, 7ID makes the passport application process much easier. Our service is simple, and quick, and delivers high-quality results that meet all your needs!

Download the 7ID app now for Android or iOS.

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