Turkish Passport & ID (Kimlik Kartı) Photo App

The Turkish passport is an essential document for Turkish citizens who wish to travel to other countries. People who have a Turkish passport can enter 113 countries without needing a visa.

The passport is also a type of ID that the Turkish government validates. One important thing is that the Turkish passport photo should be perfect.

Turkish Passport & ID (Kimlik Kartı) Photo App

In this article, we will guide you on how to take an ideal photo for your Turkish passport and ID (Kimlik Kartı).

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7ID App: Turkish passport Photo Size
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Resize Your Photo to 5×6 size

The Turkey passport photo size should be 5×6 cm. Your head should be between 20 and 30 mm, and there needs to be a 5 mm space from the top of your head to the edge of the photo.

Our 7ID app makes this easy. Choose Turkey as your country and passport as your document type, and the app will resize your picture to the required size.

It will even make sure your head is the right size, and your eyes are in the right position.

Change the Background to the Plain White

Your Turkish passport photo must have a white background.

Our 7ID app can make this happen! Just upload your picture and the background will turn white.

Prepare file for Printing

Our 7ID app provides a template for your Turkish passport-sized photo. We have two types: (*) One for digital use. (*) One for printing. It allows two photos to print on a 10×15 cm (around 4×6 inches) page, which is perfect for your passport application.

Get Professional Support

Now, with the 7ID App, you don't need to visit a studio to get a passport photo. You can easily take a perfect photo at home and still receive professional support.

Our Expert feature ensures great results for key documents like passports, driver's licenses, visas, DV lottery, and more. You pay for each photo separately, and you don't need a subscription.

The Expert feature offers: (*) Advanced AI for photo editing (*) Top-quality photo editing (*) 24/7 Technical support (*) A 99.7% acceptance rate by government agencies (*) Free replacement if you're not happy with the final photo.

Get compliant passport photos and signature image files, store QR codes & barcodes, and securely save your PIN codes in one app. Install it now for free!

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How to Print a Passport Photo from Phone?

How to Print a Passport Photo from Phone?

The 7ID app gives you a printable template of four identical photos. You can print your Turkish passport photo either at home or by using various online photo services.

To print at home, you need a color printer and good quality 10×15 cm (4×6 inch) photo paper. Open the 7ID template on your computer, set the printer to the correct paper size, and print.

Or, if you do not have a printer, you can use a printing service or photo studio. Ask for a print on 10×15 paper. Many services let you order and pay online, so you only need to pick up the print.

Turkish Passport and ID Photo Requirements Checklist

Here are the Turkey passport photo requirements: (*) Photo size: 60×50 mm (*) Head size: between 20 and 30 mm, head top must be 5 mm from the photo edge (*) Recent photo: Must be in color and taken within the last 6 months (*) Background: Plain white (*) Face: Looking straight at the camera, neutral expression, mouth closed, eyes open (*) Head covers: Not allowed unless it's a veil for women, but the full face must be visible (*) Glasses: Allowed only if the eyes clearly visible and glasses are not tinted.

Turkish Passport Photo Requirements for Children

If you're planning a family trip abroad, each child or baby must have their own passport. To get a good photo for them, follow these tips:

(*) 5×6 cm photo (*) The child's head should be between 20-30 mm from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head (*) Recent photo: Must be in color and taken within the last 6 months (*) Keep the picture simple. Don't include things like car seats, toys, and other people. (*) Take the photo from above if the child can't stand. Make them lie down on a background. (*) If you're holding the child, keep your hands out of the photo. (*) Use a white sheet or cloth to make the background plain. (*) Make sure the child's face is looking straight at the camera. (*) Their eyes should be open and their mouth closed. (*) Make sure the light is even across the child's face and the background.

Please stick to these rules to avoid any hold-up or rejection of your passport application.

Taking a Passport Picture at Home: Professional Tips

Taking a perfect passport photo yourself can save time and money. Here are some professional tips to help you take the best Turkish passport photo with your smartphone:

(*) Use daylight if possible. The light should be next to a window, so there are no harsh shadows. (*) Stabilize your phone. Place it on a steady surface or a tripod for clear images. (*) Stand straight up. Look straight into the camera. You should have a relaxed or slightly smiling face without showing teeth, and your eyes should be open. (*) Take several photos and choose the best one. (*) Leave enough room around you for the 7ID app to crop the photo. (*) Upload your chosen photo to the app. 7ID will format your photo and fix the background.

Not Just a Passport Photo Maker. All the Features of 7ID

Besides passport photo settings, 7ID can help with other parts of your passport application.

7ID works with QR codes, PINs, barcodes, and even digital signatures:

With these great features, 7ID simplifies the passport application process. Our service is easy and fast and gives you quality results that meet all the requirements.

Be sure, the 7ID App will help you get your Turkish passport photo just right!

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