Finland Passport And ID Photo App

A Finnish passport and ID card not only make traveling easier, but they also serve as proof of your identity in official settings. A quality photo for your Finland passport and ID can make all the difference – it ensures that your documents are processed quickly, and your identity is always confirmed.

Finland Passport And ID Photo App

Read on to discover the 7ID app, your handy assistant to easily and accurately create perfect Finland passport and ID photos.

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7ID App: Finland Passport Photo Maker
7ID App: Finland Passport Photo Size
7ID App: Finland Passport Photo Example

Resize Your Photo to 36×47 mm

Your Finland passport and ID photo must be 47 mm high and 36 mm wide (about 1.85×1.42 inches). The space from the top of your head (without hair) to your chin should be between 32-36 mm. For online applications, your photo should be no larger than 5 MB, and in JPEG format.

Let the 7ID application work its magic. Select your country and the document you're applying for, and it will adjust your photo to the correct size.

Replace the Photo Background to White

Photos for Finnish passports and IDs need a plain white or light gray background. With 7ID, changing the background of your photo to white is very easy. Just upload it, move a bar to the left, and get the perfect background.

It's best to start with a photo with a solid color background. But don't worry, 7ID's special Expert tool can fix even tricky backgrounds.

Prepare File for Printing

7ID provides templates for Finnish passports and ID photos in two styles: Digital for online applications and Print for paper forms with four photos on each page. Just cut one out and you're ready to go.

Get a Professional Support

For important documents, go the extra mile with 7ID's Expert option. This pay-per-photo, subscription-free option gives you premium editing, even with difficult backgrounds, using advanced AI technologies.

With the Expert option, you get full technical support and a promise that your photo will meet all the rules. If it doesn't, we'll give you a new one for free.

The 7ID app is available for Android or iOS.

Finland Passport and ID Photo Requirements Checklist

When applying for a Finnish passport or ID, you will need a recent photo that meets the following requirements:

Finland Passport Photo Requirements for Children

The photo rules for children's Finnish passports and IDs are mostly the same as for adults. The main difference is the size of the head: for children under 11, it can be smaller but must be at least 25 mm (almost 1 inch).

Do You Need to Print Out a Photo for an Electronic Passport Application?

When you apply online, you don't need to print your photo. You only need a digital version. The 7ID app will provide you with a digital photo that meets online application requirements.

Getting a Perfect Pass Picture With a Phone: Tips

Taking your passport photo with a smartphone is easy, cheap, and gives you lots of chances to get it right. Here are some tips for getting a good picture:

Not Just an ID Photo Editor. All the Options of 7ID

7ID App is more than a passport and ID photo editor. Get perfect ID photos, organize your QR and barcodes, add e-signatures to documents, and keep your PINs safe — all in one app!

Store & Create QR and Barcodes (Free)
Easily organize all your codes, from entry codes and discount barcodes to contact cards, all in one place. Access your codes anytime, no internet is required.

Keep Your PIN Codes Safe (Free)
Securely store your card PINs, digital lock combinations, and passwords. Your codes stay with you for maximum security without the need for the Internet.

Add E-Signatures Easily (Free)
Quickly sign PDFs, Word documents, and more with your digital signature.

Use the 7ID app for a hassle-free, efficient service that delivers exceptional quality and strict compliance!

Download the 7ID app now for Android or iOS.

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