USA Visa Photo App: Make US Visa Photo At Home

USA Visa Photo App: Make US Visa Photo At Home

If you ever took a photo for US visas or any other documents yourself - you probably know how time- and energy-consuming this process is. In addition, there is no guarantee that you will do everything right and your efforts will pay off.

What if we tell you that the 7ID visa photo app will solve this problem in no time? Follow the below-listed recommendations and learn to use our visa photo maker for your application.

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Crop Your Photo to the Required Size

When applying for a US visa, you must include a square digital photo with dimensions ranging from 600x600 to 1200x1200 pixels with your visa application form. The standard US visa photo size in printed form is 2x2 inches (51x51 mm).

With the 7ID app, you can instantly resize your image to these specific measurements. Our USA visa photo cropping tool not only adjusts the size but also ensures the proper head size and eye line for a perfect result.

Change the Background to Plain White

With 7ID, you can easily replace the background with a plain white. Simply use the slider to adjust the background.

Confirm your source photo
Select document type
Select background

The difference between the Expert tool and the Business tool

When it comes to photo editing, 7ID offers two options:

Expert visa photo editing: This option utilizes an advanced AI-based tool that can work with an initial picture taken on any background. Photos processed with this enhanced software are accepted by the authorities 99.7% of the time. If you are not satisfied with the result, we will replace the photo for free or issue a full refund.
Business visa photo editing: This option includes all the benefits of the paid algorithms, along with enhanced priority tech support.

Expert USA visa photo example

Expert USA visa photo example

Which Photo is Suitable for a US visa Maker?

To obtain a visa photo that meets the specifications, it is important to start with an appropriate initial photo that you upload to 7ID app:

How to Take a Visa Photo With Phone: Brief Guidelines

With advancements in smartphone camera technology, taking a visa photo with your phone has never been easier. Here are some tips to help you take your own visa photo using your phone:

  1. Find good lighting: It's best to use natural light, so stand in front of a well-lit window to avoid harsh shadows.
  2. Set up your smartphone: Make sure your phone is secure on a stable surface to capture steady shots.
  3. Camera positioning: Use the rear camera for better quality photos and ensure the lens is at eye level.
  4. Pose properly: Stand or sit straight, face the camera directly, and maintain a neutral expression or a slight smile without showing your teeth. Keep your eyes open.
  5. Take multiple shots: Snap several photos, so you can choose the best one. Leave some space around your head, as the 7ID app may require cropping.

With the 7ID app, you get a processed digital photo that is ready to be attached to your USA visa application + You will get a printable template

Get compliant passport photos and signature image files, store QR codes & barcodes, and securely save your PIN codes in one app. Install it now for free!

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How to Attach a Digital Photo to the USA Visa Application?

Once you have processed your visa photo using the 7ID app, you need to know how to attach it to your visa application.

How to Attach a Digital Photo to the USA Visa Application?

Do You Need to Print Out the USA Visa Photo?

Though you have the option to print the visa photo, it's not always a requirement. It depends on the specific US consulate where you will be conducting your visa interview: some may allow a digital photo from your application form, and some may request a printed 2x2 inch photo.

The 7ID app offers a template for printing your visa photo in any format and the option to upload the digital photo directly to your online visa application. This flexible feature saves time since you can select the method that best matches your application needs.

US Visa Photo Requirements Checklist

The United States of America has clear photo requirements for US visa. Here is a checklist to ensure your photo meets those expectations:

Remember to take several photos to ensure that at least one will meet all these criteria. Non-compliance with any of these guidelines can cause your visa application to be delayed or refused. So, it is important to get it right the first time.

Not only the Visa Photo App! Other Features of 7ID

In addition to the USA visa photo size and background color maker, the 7ID app offers various features for all your ID photo needs, including QR codes, barcodes, e-signatures, and PIN codes.

The QR and Barcode Organizer (Free) allows you to consolidate your access codes, discount certificate barcodes, and vCards in one easy-to-access place, without needing an internet connection.
The PIN Code Safekeeper (Free) keeps your credit card PINs, digital lock codes, and passwords secure in one place, providing maximum security.
The E-Signature Tool (Free) enables you to enhance your documents with your digital signature instantly. You can apply it to PDFs, Word documents, and more with just a few taps.

With its instant photo cropping tool, background replacement options, and optimized digital photo outputs, the 7ID app ensures that your visa photo meets all the requirements. The 7ID app guarantees convenience, affordability, and quality for your visa application process.

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