What To Wear For A Passport Photo? Dress-code

Your passport photo is your global identification that could last a decade. So, preparing for this photo goes beyond a good hair day or finding the best angle. The outfit you choose can directly impact whether your application is accepted.

What To Wear For A Passport Photo? Dress-code

This article aims to answer questions like “Is there a dress code for passport photo?” or “What color to wear for a passport photo?”. So let's read on and learn how to dress for passport photo to ensure your image fits all the requirements and that you look your best.

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Passport Photo Dress Code: General Rules

Wondering what to wear for a US passport photo? The rules may vary slightly from country to country, but generally, everyday casual attire is acceptable. Here are some common elements of a dress code for passport photos worldwide:

(*) Opt for solid, plain clothing. Designs, patterns, and logos can interfere with facial clarity. Choose darker colors to wear for a passport picture. (*) Headwear is usually prohibited unless it's a religious or cultural item worn daily, such as a hijab or turban, and it doesn't obstruct the view of your face. (*) Some countries, such as the US, don't allow photos with glasses, while others are fine with prescription glasses as long as they don't hide the eyes. However, tinted glasses are not acceptable everywhere. (*) Uniforms are not allowed for passport photos. (*) Covering your shoulders and wearing clothing contrasting with the background is a good idea. (*) Make sure your face is easily visible and well-lit. Pull your hair back so it doesn't obscure your face. (*) Avoid heavy makeup or excessive jewelry. (*) Look directly at the camera and maintain a natural expression.

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What Color to Wear for a Passport Photo?

When choosing clothing for a passport photo, darker solid colors such as black, blue, burgundy, or brown are recommended. Avoid patterns or designs that are distracting. Aim for a look that accurately represents you and meets all passport requirements.

Can you wear white in a passport photo? — No, it is better to avoid wearing white as it may cause you to blend into the background, which is not desirable. However, you can pick any color that complements you.

Can You Wear Makeup in a Passport Photo?

The answer is yes, makeup is allowed in passport photos. However, it should be minimal and subtle. Avoid bold or dramatic looks that may conflict with maintaining a neutral expression. Opt for a natural look with matte makeup products, as flash photography can reduce the vibrancy of your makeup.

Can You Wear Glasses in Passport Photo?

Eyeglasses are generally not allowed in passport photos. For example, the U.S. Department of State only allows glasses for medical reasons and requires a note from your doctor. Eyeglasses must not obstruct your vision, and there must be no glare or shadows from the lenses.

Can You Wear Earrings in a Passport Photo?

Can you wear earrings in a passport photo? — Yes, earrings are allowed. However, it is recommended that you choose simple, small earrings that don't cover your face or cast shadows. Reflective materials should be avoided. It's advisable to remove large earrings for the photo.

The U.S. Department of State and some other countries allow earrings, necklaces, and even facial piercings in passport photos, as long as they don't hide your face or create reflections or shadows. Check the specific guidelines for the country you're applying for a passport.

Can You Wear a Hoodie in a Passport Photo?

You can wear a hoodie in your passport photo if the hood is down and does not cover your face or head. Ideally, the hoodie should not be too loose and should be a neutral color. Bright colors and prominent logos or designs on the hoodie are best avoided.

Can You Wear a Headband in a Passport Photo?

Typically, you can't wear a headband in passport photos. This is true for most countries, including the United States. Headbands or headgear can distort facial features, cast shadows or glare, or blend into the white background of the photo. If you require one for religious or medical reasons, your face should be fully visible without shadows or glare.

Passport Photo with Hijab or Other Religious Covering: Rules

The U.S. allows people to wear a hijab or other religious head covering in passport photos as long as their facial features are clearly visible and free of shadows. Make sure your hijab doesn't cast shadows and that your entire face, from the base of your chin to the top of your forehead, is fully visible. It also shouldn't cover your ears, and the background color should contrast well with your hijab.

Choosing the Best Outfit for a Passport Photo: General Tips

To ensure that your passport picture is approved, you should follow certain guidelines when choosing a shirt to wear for your passport photo:

In addition, here are some specific questions to consider when deciding what to wear for your passport photo:

(*) This leads to the question "Can I wear T-shirt in passport photo?". And the answer is yes, a simple dark T-shirt will do. (*) Can you have bangs in a passport photo? — Passport photo bangs are acceptable as long as they do not cover your eyebrows and eyes or cast a shadow on your face.

So, to get an approved passport photo, simply dress according to the guidelines, follow the tips, and use the 7ID Photo Editor to effortlessly create a perfect, compliant passport picture!

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