Taking a 5×7 Photo With Phone

Among the myriad of photo sizes, the 5×7 format holds a special place, especially regarding official documentation in Canada. But what exactly is a 5×7 photo, and why is it so important?

Taking a 5×7 Photo With Phone

Read on to discover the essentials of taking a 5×7 photo with your phone. You'll also learn how to resize photo to 5×7 easily using a dedicated 7ID App.

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5×7 Passport Photo Requirement in Canada

The term “5×7 photo” refers to an image that measures 5 by 7 centimeters (50×70 mm) or about 1.38×1.77 inches. This format is notable for its larger space than standard snapshots, offering more detail and clarity.

The 5×7 photo standard is versatile and used in various personal and professional settings. However, it finds its most common use in official documentation. For example, in Canada, a 5×7 cm photo is what you'll need for many official IDs, including:

For digital or online applications, 5×7 photo size in pixels may vary depending on the resolution (DPI — dots per inch) you're using. Typically, at 100 DPI, the resolution would require the photo to be 197×276 pixels. For standard online submissions where a 300 DPI resolution is sufficient, the dimensions would be 591×827 pixels. And for 600 DPI, the size will be 1181×1654 pixels.

7ID App: Free 5×7 Photo Resizer

7ID: Canada Passport Photo Maker
7ID: Canada Passport Photo Requirements
7ID: Canada Passport Photo Background Editor
7ID: Canada Passport Photo Example

Introducing the 7ID App — an easy-to-use tool for both Android and iPhone users that simplifies the process of creating, editing and resizing photos for documents. Whether you need to prepare documents for online submission or printing, 7ID has you covered with features that make the experience smooth and hassle-free:

Photo resizing tool
With the automatic photo cropping feature, the app automatically adjusts your image to passport photo size 5×7 or any other size to fit the desired format perfectly, positioning the head and eyes correctly without manually adjusting anything.

Background Color Changer
Want to change the background colour? No problem! With a simple drag and drop, you can change the background to white, light gray, or blue to meet standard document requirements.

Printable Templates
If you'd like to print your photos, 7ID also provides a print template that fits all standard paper sizes (10×15 cm, A4, A5, B5) and arranges four individual photos for easy cropping.

Advanced algorithms
For important documents, such as passport or visa applications, use 7ID’s Expert Tool. This feature improves image quality and efficiently removes backgrounds. Expert service is available 24/7, and if you’re not satisfied with your photo, we'll fix it for free.

So, how to use 7ID for photo editing?

  1. Simply upload a full-length portrait of yourself in front of any background.
  2. Specify the country and document, and 7ID will do the rest: it automatically adjusts the size, positions your head and eyes correctly, replaces the background and improves the quality of your photo.

Preparing Your Smartphone for the Task

Once you've mastered the requirements of a 50 mm by 70 mm photo, the next step is to prepare your phone for the task:

How to Print a 5×7 Photo From Your Phone?

Although we live in an increasingly digital world, documents still require physical presence and printed photos. The 7ID app meets this need by offering two free photo template options: digital for online applications and printable for physical applications. The printable template includes four separate 5×7 photo prints. Simply cut out one of them and attach it to your paper application form.

If you have a colour printer and high-quality photo paper, you can use this file, provided by 7ID, to create 5 cm x 7 cm photo prints by yourself. Simply select the paper size (6×4 inches, 10×15 cm, or A6) and type.

If you don't have a printer at home, don't worry—most pharmacies, retail shops, and post offices offer printing services. You can also find a local printing shop in your area and have them print out a passport photo 5×7 cm for you. Most popular print shops in Canada allow you to order online and pick up the printout at a convenient location.

Download the 7ID app now for Android or iOS.

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