Avoiding Bad Passport Photos: Rules And Tips

Keeping up with the strict passport photo requirements can take time and effort. A bad photo on a passport is not just a momentary annoyance. It can cause a delay in the application or even rejection.

Avoiding Bad Passport Photos: Rules And Tips

This guide'll discuss critical rules and provide practical tips to ensure your passport photo is perfect and compliant.

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Top Reasons for a Passport Photo to Be Rejected

A lot of applications get rejected because of photo issues, which is really stressful and delays things. Let's take a look at the most common reasons for denials to help reduce the chances of your application being rejected:

Looking at examples of good and bad passport photos, you may notice that the best shots are those where the subject is looking directly at the camera with a clear background, as opposed to the less successful ones where shadows or inappropriate clothing cause problems.

Why Do Passport Photos Often Look So Bad?

The harsh reality of passport photos can leave people feeling confused and unhappy with how they look. So, why are passport photos so bad? There are a few reasons for that:

What Happens If Your Passport Photo is Rejected?

If your photo doesn't pass, everything stops until you submit a new photo that meets the rules. If there's a problem, you'll be notified quickly by email or letter. They'll also tell you how long you must send them a better photo.

If you get the new photo by the deadline, your passport application will continue, and you won't pay anything extra. But if you miss the deadline, your application may be canceled, and you'll have to start over and pay the fees again.

Can You Get a New Passport If You Don't Like Your Picture?

If your passport photo doesn't turn out how you hoped, you might wonder, can you retake your passport photo? While upsetting, dissatisfaction with a passport photo is not usually considered a valid reason to immediately replace a passport, especially if the photo meets the requirements. A passport is an important government-issued ID that puts function over appearance. However, if you’re determined to change the photo, and this is the case when your appearance hasn't changed much, and you just want a better photo — the best way is to renew your passport with a new application, including fees and a new picture of your choice.

If your appearance has changed significantly due to surgery or injury, the procedure will be slightly different. You'll need to get a new passport with a new photo.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking a Passport Photo

The road to a perfect passport photo is often littered with easily avoidable mistakes. Here’s what you need to watch out for when taking a passport photo so it doesn’t get turned down:

Tips to Get a Perfect Passport Pic

Getting a passport photo that checks all the boxes for government compliance and personal satisfaction isn't as elusive as it seems.

Remember, while the image must adhere to strict rules, presenting yourself in the best possible light within those parameters can result in a photo that's both professionally and personally acceptable.

Take Your DIY Passport Photo With 7ID App!

7ID: 3x4 Passport Photo Maker
7ID: 3x4 Passport Photo Background Editor
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With 7ID Photo Editor, taking the perfect passport photo at home using only your smartphone has never been easier. As long as your phone's camera is 5MP or higher, you can take high-quality passport photos while saving time and money. Just follow a few simple tips:

  1. Consider shooting near a well-lit window during the day to avoid harsh shadows.
  2. Hold your phone steady so that the photo doesn't come out blurry.
  3. Show a natural expression, look directly at the camera, and keep your eyes open.
  4. Take a few photos and choose the one you like best.
  5. Leave a little space around you, so the app can crop the photo just right.
  6. Then just upload your image to the app, select the document type and country, and 7ID does the rest. It'll resize the photo, make sure your head and eyes are perfectly positioned, change the background color, and give you both digital and print-ready versions.

Forget the problem of bad passport pictures with 7ID Photo Maker App!

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