Student ID Photo App | ISIC and ESN card photo requirements

In the sphere of academia, the importance of a student ID card cannot be understated — it is more than a card, it is an identity, a passport to services, and proof of inclusion in a learning community. A key component of any student ID is a photo.

Student ID Photo App | ISIC and ESN card photo requirements

This article will show you how to take a perfect student card photo for any university using the best ID photo maker — 7ID App.

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7ID: Student ID Photo Maker
7ID: Student ID Photo Requirements
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Cut Your Picture to the Required Student ID Photo Size

If you need a photo for your student ID that meets certain standards, the 7ID App can easily meet your needs.

The 7ID app instantly resizes images to fit ISIC, ESN, and other student card photo dimensions. Simply upload your photo to the 7ID app and get it customized instantly. Once you've selected your educational institution, the 7ID will adjust the image format, head size and eye line to meet your requirements. The application takes into account all set measurements for different countries.

Replace the Background with the Neutral White

Student ID photos often require a plain white background. 7ID functions as an ID photo background editor, replacing the picture backdrop.

Our Expert tool works with a variety of backgrounds.

Get a Digital File for an Online Application and a Template for Printing

7ID provides a passport photo template in two formats: (*) digital format for online applications; (*) print format. Each print sheet comes with four images. Simply cut it out and attach it to your passport application.

General Student ID Photo Rules

While there may be varying specifics depending on where you are studying, below are some helpful guidelines from us that can serve as a reference:

(*) The photo style suitable for a student card typically allows for a wider smile than passport photos, and in most cases, smiling with your teeth is allowed. However, it's always best to check your institution's specific rules; (*) The photo should ideally be recent and reflect your current appearance; (*) It should be a clear and well-focused shot; (*) The photo must show your full face; all facial features, including moles, should be visible; (*) The photo must represent you truthfully, so don't make any software modifications that alter your appearance; (*) It is recommended to have a plain, light background. Most educational institutions require a white background; (*) Choose clothing that contrasts with the background; (*) The photo should contain only your image, removing all people, pets, or other objects; (*) Ensure there is no "red-eye" effect; (*) Maintain a forward-facing position, looking directly at the camera; (*) Your hair should not obscure your features; (*) The photo should be evenly lit, without shadows; (*) Eyes should remain clear. Sunglasses and tinted glasses should be removed, plain glasses can be worn without causing reflections. Avoid glare on the lenses.

Europe: ISIC and ESN Card Photo Requirements

The photo standards for the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) card and the ISIC (International Student Identity Card) are as follows:

ESN card photo requirements:

(*) The ESN card photo must measure 27×37 mm (2.7 × 3.7 cm). (*) The photo should be a recent passport-style image that clearly shows the face and shoulders. (*) A neutral background such as plain white or light gray is recommended. (*) The photo should be clear, in focus, properly lit, and free of visible shadows. (*) The face should not be obstructed by hair or accessories such as hats or sunglasses. (*) No editing or filters should alter the natural appearance.

ISIC card photo requirements:

(*) The required ISIC photo size is 35 mm × 45 mm. (*) The photo should be in color, not black and white. (*) A passport-style photo (i.e., headshot only) is recommended.

These requirements ensure that photos submitted for ESN and ISIC cards meet the necessary identification and official requirements.

Student Photo Sizes in Famous Universities Worldwide

Photo requirements for student IDs and university applications differ greatly among institutions. Without strict photo size parameters, a standard photo template of either 35×45 or 2×2 inches can be used.

Photo sizes for student IDs at top universities around the world are: (*) The University of Edinburgh Student Card — 35×45 mm, 413×531 pixels, less than 500 KB in size; (*) The Harvard University ID Card — 2×2 inches (51×51 mm), 280×296 pixels; (*) The Columbia University ID Card — 500×500 pixels, less than 100 KB in size; (*) The University of Auckland ID Card — 1125×1500 pixels. From 500 KB to 10 MB; (*) The University of Pittsburgh Panther Card — 260×300 pixels.

7ID is more than just an app. It's an innovative solution that meets the evolving digital needs of students around the world.

Best wishes for your academic journey!

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