China Passport Photo App

When applying for a Chinese passport or other essential documents in China, make sure you have a good photo for it. This can significantly speed up the process, reduce delays, and increase your chances of approval.

China Passport Photo App

In this guide, we will explore the Chinese passport photo size requirements and give effective instructions on how to take a perfect China passport photo online, using the dedicated 7ID app.

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7ID App: China Passport Photo Maker
7ID App: China Passport Photo Size
7ID App: China Passport Photo Example

Resize Your Photo to 33×48 mm

For a paper China passport photo, it should be 33 mm wide and 48 mm high. And the Chinese digital passport photo size for an online application should be between 354 and 420 pixels wide and between 472 and 560 pixels high.

The 7ID app does the work for you. Select your country and the document you're applying for, and the app will automatically resize your photo.

Adjust the Passport Photo Background

The China passport photo requires a white background. With 7ID, making the background of your photo white is super easy. Just upload your image, move a slider to the left, and you've got the perfect background.

Prepare File for Printing

7ID offers China passport photo templates in two formats: Digital for online applications and Print with four photos on each sheet. Just cut out one and it's ready for your paper form.

Get a Professional Support

Upgrade to priority help with 7ID’s Business feature. For crucial documents, try the Business tool for the best results. This per-photo, subscription-free service gives you top-quality edits, even with complicated backgrounds, thanks to professional AI.

With the Business feature, you get full technical support on a priority basis and a guarantee that your photo is compliant. If not, we'll replace it free of charge.

The 7ID app is available for Android or iOS.

Do you Need to Print Out a Photo for an Electronic Passport Application?

If you're applying for your passport online, you don’t need a printout. All you need is a digital photo. With the 7ID app, you can quickly get a digital passport photo to add to your online application.

China Passport Photo Requirements Checklist

For a proper Chinese passport photo, please follow these specifications:

China Passport Photo Requirements for Children

The rules for Chinese children's passport photos are the same as for adults.

Taking a Passport Photo with a Phone: Tips

Taking your passport photo with your phone is easy, inexpensive, and lets you experiment until you're happy with the result. Here's how to get a great photo:

Not just a Passport Photo Editor. All the Options of 7ID

In addition to creating compliant photos for passports, visas, and IDs, with 7ID you can also store QR codes & barcodes, add digital signatures to documents, and keep your PIN codes safe — all in one app!

QR & Barcode Storage & Generator (Free): Easily organize and access all your codes, from admission tickets to discount coupons, without an internet connection.

PIN Code Storage (Free): Store your card PINs, digital lock combinations, and passwords without the risk of online transmission.

E-Signature Maker (Free): Quickly apply your digital signature to PDFs, Word documents, and more to streamline your digital document workflow.

Rest assured, with the 7ID app you will get the perfect photo for your Chinese passport!

Download the 7ID app now for Android or iOS.

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