DV Lottery Confirmation Number: Crucial Tips

Have you participated in the Diversity Visa Lottery and now are waiting for results? The confirmation number you received after completing your entry form is pivotal in your immigration process, and losing it could potentially jeopardize your chance to achieve your American Dream.

DV Lottery Confirmation Number: Crucial Tips

From this article, you will learn what to do if you forget the confirmation number for the DV lottery, as well as how to find the DV lottery confirmation number and how to keep it safe with the help of a new 7ID feature.

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What is a DV Lottery confirmation number, and why must you keep it safe?

A Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery confirmation number, also known as a registration number, is a unique identifier given to each applicant after successfully completing the diversity visa lottery application. This confirmation number is critical because it is the only surefire way to verify whether your application has been approved - it's essentially your ticket to the results.

Once you submit your application, you will receive this number in an on-screen confirmation message that allows you to track the status of your DV Lottery application. The confirmation number is not something you might have scribbled down casually but is a crucial part of your immigration process.

You must keep this unique confirmation number safe. Why? If selected, you will need this number to verify and validate your status and to schedule a visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Essentially, you cannot check the DV lottery without a confirmation number and proceed towards obtaining a green card, even if selected.

How do you use the confirmation number to check your Green Card Lottery winnings?

After the random selection process, the DV Lottery results are posted on the Department of State (DOS) website. This is where your confirmation number comes into play. You will need your unique confirmation number, along with your last name and year of birth, to access the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website (https://dvprogram.state.gov/), which will reveal whether your application was successful.

Once logged in, if your number is displayed, it means you've been selected in the DV lottery. You'll then receive your DV Lottery case number and specific instructions on proceeding with your green card application. Remember, however, that being selected does not guarantee you a U.S. visa but qualifies you for the next step - an interview.

DV Lottery Case Number Check

If you've entered the DV Lottery and are among the lucky winners, your next step will be to check your DV Lottery case number: (*) Visit the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs website and find the Entrant Status Check link under the DV Lottery section. (*) Enter your unique confirmation number, last name, and year of birth. (*) After clicking “Submit,” your case number will be shown if selected. Keep this number safe for your visa interview.

What to do if you lose your confirmation number?

Despite the paramount importance of maintaining your confirmation number, there are provisions for recovery in the event of loss. So, if you’re wondering, “I lost my DV lottery confirmation number. What should I do?” and “How to retrieve my DV lottery confirmation number?” read on to learn the answer.

The Department of State provides a method to recover the confirmation number DV lottery, depending on the following information. (*) The year of your lottery participation. This is primarily the year of the most recent lottery. Your opportunity is lost if you were selected in previous years but did not file a green card application within six months. (*) Your full name, which includes your first name, last name, and middle name. (*) Your date of birth. (*) Your email address. Be sure to use the email address you used in your original form.

You can retrieve your confirmation number by verifying your entry on the E-DV website.

7ID app: Keep your DV Lottery confirmation number securely at your fingertips

7ID: DV Lottery Sidekick
7ID: Add your DV Lottery Conformation Number
7ID: DV Lottery Conformation Number example

Introducing the “DV Program Sidekick” - a significant additional option to the already feature-packed 7ID app to keep your DV Lottery confirmation number from being misplaced or forgotten.

To store your green card confirmation number, follow these easy steps: (*) Simply download and install the 7ID app. (*) Select the “DV Program Sidekick” option. (*) Enter your verification number and click “Save”.

This new feature, perfectly in line with the multiple functions of the 7ID app, simplifies the once stressful task of keeping track of your DV Lottery verification number.

Multifunctional 7ID app: all features

Explore the all-in-one 7ID app with remarkable features: (*) ID Photo Maker. Turn your standard photo into a passport-size photo that meets international standards for ID purposes worldwide in a snap. (*) QR and Barcode Generator and Storage. Secure and organize all your QR codes, vCards, and PINs in a single hub for easy access. (*) E-Signature Tool. Create your unique digital signature to integrate it into your PDFs, images, or other files.

With the 7ID App, your DV Lottery confirmation number is now secure, easily accessible, and impossible to lose.

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