Indian Voter ID Application And Photo

Making a difference in the world's largest democracy starts with a fundamental duty—voting. A voter ID card is an essential document to participate in elections in India. Applying for one and ensuring that it has the correct photo not only helps affirm your right to vote but also serves as a valid proof of identity and address.

Indian Voter ID Application And Photo

Keep reading and learn about Indian Voter ID Application and Voter ID photo correction online.

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Voter ID Card Eligibility and Requirements

In India, you must be a resident adult over 18 to be eligible for a voter ID card. The requirements include:

For the July 2022 process, Indian citizens who are 17 years of age may apply in advance to be added to the electoral roll and be formally registered in the next quarter of the year in which they turn 18. The voter list will be updated quarterly. In the current year of 2023, anyone who turns 18 by April 1, July 1, or October 1 can also apply for voter registration after the draft electoral roll is published.

How to Apply for a Voter ID Card Online?

To apply for a Voter ID card online, follow these steps:

Voter ID Photo Size and Background Requirements

Here are the photo requirements for an Indian voter ID card:

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Convert Your Picture to a Compliant Voter ID Photo with 7ID App

Speed up your Voter ID card application with the help of the 7ID Voter ID Photo Size Converter App.

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Snap a selfie against any background with your smartphone, and upload the image to our app. 7ID App will handle all technical issues, ensuring your photo meets Voter ID requirements. With 7ID App, you can:

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The 7ID App is available for Android or iOS.

How to Upload a Photo in a Voter ID Card Online?

To upload a photo for a voter ID card online, please follow these quick steps:

You can also get your digital voter ID card or e-EPIC (Electoral Photo Identity Card) from the Election Commission of India website, which will serve as your voter ID card.

Is it Possible to Change a Photo in Voter ID?

Actually, yes, it is! For a Voter ID photo change online, just follow the recommendations below:

Make sure any changes you make to your voter ID card are implemented before the next election.

How to Track Your Voter ID Status?

To track the progress of your voter ID card in India, visit the Election Commission of India's Voter Service Portal using this link: Track Application Status. Enter your reference number and select your state. Alternatively, you can check the status of your application on the NVSP portal by entering your reference ID number. Both portals provide real-time updates on the status of your voter ID application.

How to Link Your Voter ID with Aadhar?

There are several ways to link your voter ID with Aadhaar in India:

NVSP Portal: Access the National Voters' Service Portal (NVSP) or the Voters' Service Portal online. Click on 'Forms', select Form-6, and enter the required information, including your Aadhaar number. After submitting the form, you will be given a reference number to track the status of your application.

SMS: Send an SMS to 166 or 51969 in this format: ECILINK<SPACE><EPIC No.><SPACE><Aadhaar No.> to link your Aadhaar number with your Voter ID. A confirmation message will confirm the successful linkage.

Mobile App: Install the Voter Helpline app from the Google Play Store or App Store. The app will provide instructions on how to link your Aadhaar with the Voter ID.

Toll-free number: Call 1950 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. Give the details of your Voter ID and Aadhaar card to link them.

Thus, linking your Voter ID with your Aadhaar in India can be done through various means such as using the NVSP portal, sending an SMS, using a mobile app, or dialing a toll-free number.

Understanding and following the procedures for applying for a voter ID card in India and the photo requirements can ensure a smooth voting experience and contribute to the democratic process. This document also enhances your access to a host of other services and strengthens your rights as a citizen of the Republic of India.

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