Japanese Tourist Visa & Evisa Photo App

Japan offers a unique blend of traditional charm and modern allure that attracts travelers from around the world. Amidst all the planning, securing a visa with the right photo is crucial.

Japanese Tourist Visa & Evisa Photo App

In this article, you will learn all about Japanese e-visa and how to take a perfect Japan visa photo with the 7ID app.

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Japanese Tourist Visa and E-visa Rules

As of November 1, 2023, the JAPAN e-visa system is available for short-term stays for tourism purposes. This system allows travelers to apply for a visa online.

To apply for a Japanese Tourist Visa and e-visa, please review the main rules and requirements:

It's important to remember that entry into Japan with an e-visa is only possible via air travel.

How to Apply for a Japanese Visa Online?

To apply for a Japan e-visa, please follow the below instructions:

(*) Create a profile on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website (https://www.evisa.mofa.go.jp/index). You will need to provide an email address, select English as your communication language, and indicate your citizenship and country of residence. You will receive an email with an activation link. One profile is sufficient to complete applications for your family or other individuals. (*) Agree to the terms of the visa issuance. (*) Basic Information step requires you to enter your passport information. Accredited passport page scans are required, poor quality scans will be disregarded. Successful uploads will auto-populate your information, such as your name and other details. Information about your spouse, occupation, and purpose of visit (limited to tourism) will be requested. This step also requires you to submit a photo. (*) Travel Information requires you to provide the length of your stay, flight details, and accommodation. (*) Address requires you to provide your current address and employer information. Only your employer's name, location, and contact information are required. (*) Personal information includes questions about any criminal history and whether you're the primary applicant or applying on behalf of someone else. (*) Application Documents require you to upload all documents except your passport. You can upload up to three documents per category in the pop-up windows. (*) Application Review. Here you can review all the information you have provided. This includes a display of your uploaded image. (*) Then select "Next" and on the next page, after selecting the form you have just created, select "Submit". (*) Once your visa has been issued, you'll receive an email notification. Be sure to have your "Visa Insurance Notification" handy when you meet with Japanese immigration officials.

Typically, a Japan visa processing time takes approximately 5 business days, provided there are no deficiencies such as missing documents or mistakes in the application.

Documents Required for a Japanese Evisa Application

A tourist e-visa application must include the following documents:

(*) Passport valid at the time of departure from Japan with at least one empty page. (*) Copy of national ID card or domestic passport. (*) Printed visa application form (two copies). (*) Photo that meets Japanese visa image guidelines. (*) Proof of funds, such as original work certificate, IE certificate, or bank statement. Only original documents with wet stamps should be used. (*) Planned itinerary. (*) Return tickets. (*) Letter explaining the need for multiple visits (for multiple-entry visa applications). Letters may be written in English or Japanese, with no prescribed format. (*) Copy of marriage certificate for families applying together.

Each document should not exceed a size of 2 megabytes. Acceptable file formats include PDF, TIF, JPG (or JPEG, as it is synonymous), PNG, GIF, BMP, or HEIC.

Instantly Take a Japanese Visa Photo With Phone! 7ID App

7ID App: Japanese Visa Photo Maker
7ID App: Japanese Visa Photo App
7ID App: Japanese Visa Photo Example

With the 7ID Photo App, you can speed up your Japanese visa application. Simply take a selfie against any background and upload it. Built-in AI will adjust your photo size for Japan visa requirements. Upload your photo, select the required country and document type, and start using our many features:

Get compliant passport photos and signature image files, store QR codes & barcodes, and securely save your PIN codes in one app. Install it now for free!

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How to Attach a Photo to a Japanese Evisa Application?

To attach your Japan visa picture to an e-visa application, do the following:

(*) Before applying, make sure your photo is fully prepared. Once this is done, press the "Upload" button, select your image provided by 7ID, and if the upload is successful, a note will appear saying "Uploaded and manually cropped a face photo". You will need to click on the "Crop the face manually" button. (*) A new window will appear, asking you to outline your face and the edge of the image with a red frame. Drag the corner to expand the frame to cover most of the photo. The red frame mustn't extend beyond the edges of the picture, otherwise, you won't be able to crop it. (*) Once you have adjusted the frame, click "Perform Crop". If the frame extends beyond the image, an error message will appear stating that the specified area is outside the image. If this happens, simply reduce the size of the frame slightly. (*) If the upload was successful, the text "Uploaded" will appear. If you accidentally uploaded the wrong photo, you can easily correct this by pressing "Clear" and uploading the correct picture. (*) Once you've sorted the image, you can proceed to upload pages from your passport.

Japanese Visa Photo Requirements Checklist

The photo requirements for a Japanese visa are as follows:

(*) The photo must be no older than six months before your travel date. (*) The specified Japan visa photo size is 35×45 mm. (*) The photo size for in-person application at the consulate is 45x45 mm. (*) The photo must be in color. (*) A light, plain background for the photo is required. (*) The corners of the photo should not be rounded. (*) Smiling in the photo is not allowed. (*) Make sure the face is centered in the photo. (*) Eyes must be visible and open in the photo, and glasses should not cause glare or shadowing under the eyebrows. (*) The presence of headwear, foreign objects, and additional people in the frame is prohibited. (*) Acceptable file formats for an online application include JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, or HEIC. (*) Scanned photos are not acceptable for online applications.

Get one step closer to traveling to Japan by simplifying the Japanese visa photo application process with the 7ID Visa Photo Maker app.

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