Sweden Passport & ID Photo App

When dealing with vital documents such as your passport, we understand the desire for reduced bureaucracy and increased efficiency. That's precisely where we come in! Whether you're renewing your passport or applying for a new one in Sweden, ensuring you have the correct passport photo is paramount. Introducing 7ID, the ultimate app for seamlessly producing passport photos with simplicity and accuracy.

Sweden Passport & ID Photo App

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7ID App: Sweden Passport Photo Maker
7ID App: Sweden Passport Photo Size
7ID App: Sweden Passport Photo Example

Resize your photo to the required Sweden passport photo size

7ID simplifies the process of cropping your photo to fit the necessary Swedish passport size of 35x45 mm. The app detects your facial features and leads you through the steps, guaranteeing that your photo matches the exact dimensions specified by Swedish authorities, including face-to-photo proportions. Ensuring your passport photo meets the right size is crucial, and 7ID makes it easy.

Change the background with a plain white

Another essential requirement for Swedish passport photos is a plain white background. The 7ID app allows you to change the background of your photo to a clean, plain white backdrop, ensuring your photo meets the necessary standards.

Prepare the file for printing

After resizing your photo and adjusting the background, 7ID assists you in preparing the file for printing. You can save the photo in the required format, ready for submission with your passport application.

Moreover, 7ID simplifies the process of passport photo printing with two convenient options:

Get a professional support

For those seeking extra help or assurance, 7ID offers Business option. This feature gives professional prioritized support to ensure your passport photo meets all the necessary criteria accurately.

7ID provides three convenient choices to meet your needs:

How to print out passport photos from your phone? Printing services and prices in Sweden

Sweden passport photo printing template

Printing your passport photo directly from your phone is simple with the 7ID app. Once you've finalized your photo, you can either use a home printer or visit a local printing service to print the photos already layouted in a convenient template by 7ID. In Sweden, various printing services offer passport photo printing at affordable prices, typically ranging from a few kronor per photo.

Some popular printing services in Sweden include:

Sweden passport and ID photo requirements

Understanding Sweden's passport photo requirements is crucial, and 7ID makes it simple to meet them. From dimensions to facial expressions, the app ensures your photo meets all the necessary criteria.

When unsure, follow these guidelines for Swedish passport photos:

Sweden passport photo requirements for children

Taking passport photos of children can be tricky. In addition to meeting the requirements for adults, consider these requirements and tips:

Tips for creating a good passport photo with a phone

When using your phone to capture a passport photo, keep these tips in mind:

Not just a passport photo editor: all the features of 7ID

Besides its passport photo tool, the 7ID app offers additional features for various tasks. Here are some:

QR and Barcode Manager (Free):

Tired of having too many codes everywhere? With 7ID, you can keep all your access codes, discount barcodes, and vCards neatly organized in one place. You can access them anytime, anywhere – even without an internet connection. It's easy and hassle-free!

PIN Code Protector (Free):

Keep your credit card PINs, digital lock codes, and passwords secure with 7ID. Your codes stay safe, and you remain in control of them.

E-signature Feature (Free):

Turn your signature into an electronic format in just a few seconds. Improve your documents with a few taps – it's that simple.

Getting a Swedish passport photo is now easier with 7ID. Make the process simpler and ensure your passport application goes smoothly with this user-friendly app. Download it today and say goodbye to worries about passport photos!

Download the 7ID app now for Android or iOS.

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